Building a community: From Transactional Platform to Content Destination

Uber Eats, a leading food delivery platform, recognized the need to evolve beyond its transactional nature. We sought to transform the app into a content destination, fostering community and engagement among users. This case study explores the strategies and features implemented to achieve this goa‍
3 Weeks
XD | Bibi Niraula
AD | Graham Bartal, Reagan Tate


We identified several roadblocks for community building:
Limited User Engagement: The app primarily focused on transactions, lacking features that encouraged users to spend more time on the platform.
Lack of connection: There was no connection among users, limiting interaction and sharing of experiences.
Underutilized Content: While the app had reviews, they were not easily accessible to users, hindering their decision-making process.

/The Solution

To address these challenges, We envisioned a future where the app would become a content-driven platform, prioritizing user engagement and community building. The proposed solution involved several key features and strategic phases:

  • /Phase 1. Discovery
    Focus on attracting users through partnerships, social media, and paid short form content.

  • /Phase 2: Connection
    Build community features and personalized experiences to increase user engagement.

  • /Phase 3: Rewards
    Introduce rewards programs to incentivize participation and content creation.

  • /Phase 4: Generation
    Empower users to create and share content, transforming the app into a vibrant social platform.