YouTube Kids: A Case Study in Brand Personification
/ Client
Youtube Kids
/ Timing
1 Week

XD |
Bibi Niraula, Yanna Nuygen
Strategist | Isabella Vargas
/ Opportunity

We recognized the need to create a safe and educational online environment for children, addressing parental concerns about inappropriate content and advertising. To achieve this, we designed a brand character, Chobo the Octopus, to guide children through the platform and promote a positive user experience.
Chobo the Octopus was introduced as a friendly and knowledgeable brand mascot. Chobo's backstory as a graduate of the Great Tide Academy and an experienced ocean explorer establishes the character as a trustworthy guide for young learners.


Chobo interacts with children through various features:

  • / On-screen guidance
    Recommending enriching content and redirecting from inappropriate material.

  • / Ad Alternatives
    Replacing ads with educational "brain breaks" to promote engagement and learning.

  • / Digital Explorer Program Teaching children about online safety through interactive adventures.